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Google Frontend Interview Experience(5 rounds)

Google Frontend Interview Experience(5 rounds)

Google Frontend Interview Experience(5 rounds)

Google Frontend Interview (5 Rounds)

I recently apeared for interview at Google(Bangalore) for SDE3 role, recruiter reached out to me on linkedin and setup a phone screening round(45 min). After passing this there are 4 more rounds, among which you have to perform decent in 3 round atleast.

1st Round(Phone Screening Round)

Initial Question was to create a class schema for folder structure(VS code) Once i created a class interviewer asked followup questions to search for a node(file or folder). I have created the function to find the node and then we discussed time and space complexity. Then he asked to optimize it. He asked if you are searching for a node which will take some expensive calculation so how you can optimize it. I answered with memoization approach and then He asked to write code for that which i written. This round went well and interviewer was satisfied with approach and code and i was selected for next round.

Once you clear phone screening then recruiter came back and scheduled 4 rounds(3 Tech + 1 Googluness)

2nd Round(DS/Algo)

  • Ist question was related to different framework(react, angular, vue) as all are mentioned in my resume so he asked the difference and when to use particular framework

  • It's related to code editor, Interviewer asked how you will handle input in editor which has width w means it can fit w words in it so when the text length increases it should come to next line. lets say you have editor with some given width, create a function which should written a new splitted string joined with /nif string with increase more then given wdth you should break the line and some more edge cases are there which you need to handle.

// str = "split the string", width=10
// output = "split the /n string"

function formateString(str, width) {}

I was able to solve this and interviewer was satisfied with approach and code

3rd Round(DS/Algo)

  • Given N number of sorted list with unique number and an integer K, return list of element [] which repeated more then k time
// list = [[1,2,3,4,5], [2, 4, 5, 6, 7], [3,4,5,6,7,8]] k =2
// output = [2,3,4,5,6,7]

function FindkReapeatedElementsFromList(list, k) {}

I solved this using brute force approach with O(n3) time complexity and then interviewer asked to optimize it but i am not able to do, we have to use min heap to solve this but i wasn't aware of that.

4th Round(DS/Algo)

  • Given n points (xi, yi) , find number of magical rectangles where magical rectangles is an rectangle created using x1, y1 as left upper point and x2, y2 i right down corner and there is no other points lies in that rectangale
// input = [[1,2], [3,1], [4,3]]
// output = 1

function magicalRectangle(arr) {}

I solved this with brute force techniques but interviewer wasn't satisfied with the answer and asked to optimize that but i couldn't.

5th Round(Googlyness round)

In this round total two questions

  1. First question was around how you will handle a situation in team when one person is not able to complete his task and because of that second person is doing that work.
  2. It's more on leadership oriented, As a teamlead how you will hire team members(what kind of skill sets you will look for), It can be technical, non technical and also discussed on experience level(Fresher, experienced)


After the interview i got a call from recruiter and i was rejected as i wa not able to make an impact in last two rounds, but it was nice experience.

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment, cheers!