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Frequently Asked Question

What is Tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a open sourced a utility-first CSS framework that provided single-purpose utility classes which are opinionated for the most part, and which help rapid development of web pages from right inside our html or jsx or tsx.

What is Tailwind CSS Converter tool?

Tailwind CSS Converter is a tool which takes css as input and generates equivalent tailwind utility classes. It helps you convert your traditional CSS styles into the Tailwind CSS utility classes

Why use Tailwind CSS Converter tool?

Tailwind CSS Converter can help you save time and effort by converting your existing CSS code into Tailwind utility classes.

How to use Tailwind CSS Converter tool?

Simply copy and paste your CSS code into the editor in left with mentioned format, and it will generate the equivalent Tailwind utility classes for you. You can then copy and paste the generated classes into your HTML or other files.

Will the Tailwind CSS Converter tool generate the exact same styles as my original CSS code?

It will generates all supported tailwind classes and throw a warning for unsupported classes.

Is Tailwind CSS Converter tool free to use?

Yes, this tool is free to use and does not require any registration or payment