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How to access nested object, array in javascript?

How to access nested object, array in javascript?

How to access nested object, array in javascript?

JavaScript: Access Nested Object

What is nested objects?

Let's take an example of nested object-

const userObj = {
      id: 1,
      info: {
        age: 20
          first_name: "John"
          last_name: "Martin"
        address: {
          city: "Newyork",
          state: ""

if we have to access user's first_name and city we can do like below -

first_name =;
city =;

This is very easy, we don't face any problem but if userObj object doesn't have property then it will throw error

const userObj = {
  id: 1,
  info: {
    address: {
      city: "Newyork",
      state: "",
const name =; // Cannot read property 'first_name' of undefined

To avoid this we usually check property before accessing if that exist or not. This is fine for object with nested level 2 or 3, but when we have object with nested level 5 or 6 then the code become large and messy.

// This is fine
const age = userObj && ? : null;

// code become messy
const city =
  userObj && && &&
    : null;

There are different ways to handle, we will discuss some of the best practice here -

Oliver Steele's Nested Object Access Pattern

Using this method you will never run to the error Cannot read property _ of undefined and this is very straightforward

const name = ((((userObj || {}).info || {}).address || {}).primary || {}).city;

Access Nested Objects Using Array Reduce

Below method getNestedObject can be used to access nested object without much complexity, you just need to pass object and path

const getNestedObject = (nestedObj, pathArr) => {
  return pathArr.reduce(
    (obj, key) => (obj && obj[key] !== "undefined" ? obj[key] : undefined),

// pass in your object structure as array elements
const name = getNestedObject(user, ["info", "address", "primary", "city"]);

How to access elements in nested arrays in javascript?

Nested array is nothing but multi-dimensional array or in simple words we can say array elements are also error.

The structure of nested array looks like this -

const Array=[[values,[nest value…],],[values, [nest value…],.],[values, [nest value…],.]]

We can access nested element using without getting any error -

const a = [1, [2, [3, 4]], [5, 6]];
console.log(a[0]); // 1
console.log(a[1][0]); //2
console.log(a[1][1]); //[3,4]
console.log(a[1][1][0]); //3
console.log(a[1][0]); //undefined
console.log(a[1][0][0]); // Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '0')

Usually dev use for loop to find the value wchich is too complex, easy and straight forward way to do this written below -

// Let's say if we have to access value of arr[a][b][c][d][e]
const nestedValue = ((((arr[a] || [])[b] || [])[c] || [])[d || [])[e]

So we have discussed about accessing element in nested object and nested array, hope you find this helpful.