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JavaScript Hoisting and Temporal Dead Zone(TDZ)

Hoisting & Temporal Dead Zone in Javascript

Temporal Dead Zone and Hoisting are two essential terms in JavaScript to understand how variables got declared and initialized. Here we will going to discuss it in details -

What is Hoisting in Javascript?

JavaScript Hoisting refers to the process whereby the interpreter appears to move the declaration of functions, variables or classes to the top of their scope, prior to execution of the code.

In other words Hoisting is a JavaScript mechanism where variables and function declarations are moved to the top of their scope before code execution, regardless of whether their scope is global or local.

Hoisting mechanism only moves the declaration not the initialization.

What is Variable Hoisting

The scope of a variable declared with the keyword var is its current execution context. This is either the enclosing function or for variables declared outside any function, global.

// Below two codes will work in same way because of hoisting
console.log(hoist); // Output: undefined
var hoist = 'The variable has been hoisted.';
console.log(hoist); //The variable has been hoisted
var hoist;
console.log(hoist); // Output: undefined
hoist = 'The variable has been hoisted.';
console.log(hoist); //The variable has been hoisted

What is Function Hoisting?

JavaScript functions are classified as the following:

  1. Function declarations

    Function declarations are hoisted completely to the top. So we can invoke a function before declaring it.

    hoisted(); // Output: "This function has been hoisted."
    function hoisted() {
      console.log("This function has been hoisted.");
  2. Function expressions

    Function expressions are not hoisted, and the interpreter throws a TypeError  since it sees expression as a variable and not a function.

    expression(); //Output: "TypeError: expression is not a function
    var expression = function () {
      console.log("Will this work?");

Things To Remember:

  • Variable assignment takes precedence over function declaration
  • Function declarations take precedence over variable declarations

What is Temporal Dead Zone(TDZ) in Javascript?

In Javascript we can declare variable using let, const and var and the difference among these is let and const have block scope while var have Global/function scope.

Second difference is var is hoisted and initialize with undefined while are also hoisted but there is a period between entering scope and being declared where they cannot be accessed. This period is the temporal dead zone (TDZ).

Temporal Dead Zone relates to time, not the space above the declaration of let  or cons.

console.log(aVar); // undefined
console.log(aLet); // Causes ReferenceError: Cannot access 'aLet' before initialization in TDZ

var aVar = 1;
let aLet = 2;