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Front end developer interview questions 2022

Front end developer interview questions 2022

Front end developer interview questions 2022

Frontend interview

Frontend interview usually consist of 4-5 rounds depending on company for which you interviewed for.

Coding assignment or Machine coding round:

First round of interview usually are two types depends on company.

  • In first, A coding test with multiple choice question based on web concept and fundamentals, html and css properties and javascript concepts and output of given JS code. The objective of this round to test basic web fundamentals and concepts
  • In second, A problem statement will be given and you have to create that application using either (html, css, vanila js(no framwork)) or Using any framework (React, Angular, Vue or Vanila Javascript). The focus of this round to check how your code quality, code structure, responsiveness of your solution etc. Few Problem Statement -
    1. Design a Carousel
    2. Create a todo list (add, delete, edit and use local storage to maintain state on refresh)
    3. Create a table with pagination and add support for filters and sort based on columns
    4. Create a popover
    5. Create a accordian
    6. Implement folder / files structure with infinite nesting
    7. Create a Navbar or Header
    8. Create comment/reply component like Facebook

Data structure and problem solving

This round is specific to some companies which focus on DSA like Amazon, Flipkart etc where it’s pure DSA round while some companies don’t go deep into it but they will focus on your problem solving skill with questions around array, string or pick a use case from your previous work related to javascript or react(Dom manipulation, Rendering algorithm etc)

Javascript Knowledge

In this round focus will be on JS concepts from basic to advance level. Apart from this Framework (React, Angular, Vue) related question will be asked.

System design round for frontend

This round is usually happens for experienced candidate who have already created or managed website.

System design round tend to be open ended and vague, leaving you with lots of room to explore. Interviewer can give a problem statement or he can pick it from your recent projects. Expectation from this round to test

Here is the few questions which can be asked

  1. Design snake and ladder
  2. Design chess
  3. Design parking lot
  4. Design lift system
  5. Design patterns
  6. News feed
  7. Video watching website
  8. Chat application

Hiring Manager/ Culture Fit / Team Fit Round

This round taken by the hiring manager and focus will to get to know each other and if candidate has question about work, culture, company etc and also to get idea if candidate is fit for the position Questions will be around Behavioral and past experience.